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FCI’s BOSS Trading System

Senior Investment Strategist Craig Kendall and his team of programmers customized a futures and options trading system based on proprietary algorithms previously used to successfully manage money for clients in managed futures.

Subscribers to the BOSS Trading System will get daily alerts of all signals that can be traded in the subscribers personal account or can be traded automatically in an Auto Trading account.

  • Established from FCI's original trading program that has been back tested for various market conditions
  • Utilized to generate both long and short term entry/exit signal
  • Optimized with a skew to the downside-allowing for the best signals during times of extreme market volatility
  • Track record based on actual trades and are NOT HYPOTHETICAL
Craig Kendall

Craig Kendall, FCI Founder and Senior Investment Strategist

Craig Kendall, former award winning Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), has successfully managed over $100 million in stocks, commodities and futures.

After successfully managing money and providing my clients with commendable returns for a number of years, I’ve decided to take my trade signals and make them available to traders everywhere.

Craig Kendall

Auto Traded

Have FCI’s BOSS Trading System automatically traded for you. FCI uses Collective 2 to manage automated trading.

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